Global Supply Chain Management for Transportation and Logistics

365bet亚洲官网Avetta has helped transportation companies to dramatically reduce labor costs, reduce supply chain disruption, and successfully pass safety audits. By optimizing transportation in the supply chain, your company will be able to align your systems, reach greater scalability, and improve autonomy in the workplace.

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What is the Role of Transportation in Logistics?

Moving passengers and goods safely, from one location to another, is the primary charter of the transportation industry. Passenger security, government audits, and daily disruption to the supply chain are all common pain points across the industry. Avetta has helped transportation companies to dramatically reduce labor costs, reduce supply chain disruption, and successfully pass safety audits.

But what does transportation and logistics mean, exactly? At Avetta, our transportation logistics definition is the planning and controlling of procedures relating to the transportation industry. Ideally, these procedures are organized in the most efficient, effective way possible. The more streamlined your transportation logistics, the more you’ll please your customers and grow as a company.

Achieve your “No Harm Goal”

Achieve your “No Harm Goal”

The “no harm goal” is a notable objective that speaks to the level of care and professionalism of those that work within the transportation industry. However, just plastering it on memos or bumper stickers, isn’t enough to achieve success.

365bet亚洲官网Proactive supply chain monitoring gives you the tools to ensure safety and sustainability on the roads. With Avetta, you’re able to verify the contractors and suppliers you employ are skilled and licensed in all of their necessary roles.

Support the Health and Safety of Your Workforce

Support the Health and Safety of Your Workforce

With long hours, heavy loads, and unsafe roads, it’s no wonder that this industry has the highest risks for workplace injuries and fatalities. Add to the fact, that workers often feel pressured to drive unsafe schedules to meet tight deadlines and you’ve got some major risks on your hands.

365bet亚洲官网With our customizable health and safety software, you are able to implement effective safety measures that protect both your suppliers and your brand. Everyone deserves to come home safe after a long project, and we can help you work on that. In fact, on average Avetta clients reduce their TRIR by 54%.

Overcome the Skill and Driver Shortage

Overcome the Skill and Driver Shortage

The labor shortage has had a far-reaching effect on multiple industries, and transportation is not immune. With limited drivers and escalating projects, it’s crucial to have a team you can rely on.

With over 90,000 contractors around the world, Avetta makes it easy to find and replace workers with those that meet your standards, even during this time of high demand and limited supply.

Stay in Step with Legislative & Technological Changes

Stay in Step with Legislative & Technological Changes

365bet亚洲官网Driverless cars, touchscreen dashboards, and drone packages– the future we all imagined for the transportation and logistics industries has now arrived. With rapid technological changes also comes new legislative regulations, forcing your organization to rework proven practices and adapt.

With Avetta, you don’t have to worry about implementing change in the supply chain. Our configurable solutions allow you to integrate new business practices into each tier of your supply chain, ensuring compliance and eliminating risk. Request a demo and see how our contractor prequalification puts you back in the driver’s seat.

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Avetta Case Study

  • 1 Country
  • 4,500 employees
  • Avetta client since 2013
  • Client since 2012
  • 150+ audits performed
  • 960+ Contractors
  • Labor costs reduced by 80%

365bet亚洲官网This railway leader operates a fleet of 407 three-car train sets over 837 kilometers of track, providing over 14,000 services each week and carries 415,000 passengers each weekday. Over the course of a year, its train fleet travels 30 million kilometers and provides more than 228 million customer boardings.

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Successfully qualifying and managing over 3,500 contractors.
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Centralized, companywide database for fast contractor lookup.
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Elevated data sharing.
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New level of procedure and oversight.

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