Supply Chain Risk Management for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Avetta delivers pharma companies one centralized system in which to manage their pharmaceutical supply chains, reducing administrative burden while promoting sustainable business practices.

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The Qualification Challenge for the Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry relies on a supply chain to manufacture and provide the products they exist to create. This supply chain represents every link from the harvesting or synthesizing of different ingredients to the pharmaceutical company at the other end.

365bet亚洲官网Increased outsourcing demands, paperwork, counterfeiting, and regulatory compliance are all pain points in the pharma industry. These organizations are also striving for increased automation to better manage their supplier databases.

Complete Visibility into Supplier Risk

Complete Visibility into Supplier Risk

What gets measured, gets improved and your supply chain is no different. Suppliers within your network represent a large area of risk for your organization. If products are incorrectly made or labels incorrectly applied, it will be your organization who is responsible.

Avetta helps shed light on hidden areas of risk. You’ll be able to track things such as supplier financial stability, the sustainability principles of subcontractors, and much more. This gives you the whole picture of who’s involved and what effect they can have on your supply chain.

Expect Consistent Compliance

Expect Consistent Compliance

365bet亚洲官网As you know even one small change in your formula can have disastrous effects. Consistency is key, not only with your product but also with your contractors and suppliers.

Avetta helps ensure compliance with every project. With our contractor management software, you won’t have to settle for risky workers or practices. We verify that the temporary workforce you employ has all of the necessary training and certifications for the work they are assigned. This eliminates variability where there should only be consistency.

Win with Distribution

Win with Distribution

As you increasingly rely on external partners for transportation, inventory management and more, it’s easy for small instances to disrupt the flow of distribution. However, doing so can have drastic effects on your bottom line.

365bet亚洲官网Ensuring distribution success means having a strong supplier base you can trust. This, in turn, helps you get your product in front of the right customers and on the right shelves. Avetta helps you find the missing parts to your distribution line. With over 90,000 suppliers internationally, we can help you break into new industry and markets with just a few clicks.

Untangle Regulatory Obstructions

Untangle Regulatory Obstructions

365bet亚洲官网Being uncompliant with governmental regulations has the ability can derail your profit margin fast. With penalties, fees, and potential lawsuits on the horizon, your brand needs the assurance that comes with contractor compliance.

365bet亚洲官网When you partner with Avetta you get a dedicated team of professionals that will verify that the contractors you employ are properly trained and certified according to your both standards and international regulations. See the Avetta difference with supplier prequalification, insurance monitoring, supplier audits and much more.

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Avetta Case Study

  • 1 Country
  • Established in 2002
  • Manufacturing since 2005
  • Over 28,000 employees
  • 150+ audits performed
  • 27.9M Revenue thro June
  • 359% 3 year growth

With a workforce of 28,000 this global, research-based biopharmaceutical company has a strict internal safety initiative and needs to make sure contractors are properly trained, certified and reviewed according to OSHA standards. With Avetta they recognized annual operational savings of $60,000 per facility and dramatically reduced administrative burden with a robust supply chain risk management solution.

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Reduced administrative burden with Supply Chain Risk Management Solution.
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With Avetta, saved time and money sourcing trained, approved suppliers.
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Avetta helped achieve an annual operational savings of $60K per facility.
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Revamped and improved the existing contractor review process.

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